Christina Aguilera's delicious body secret.

I have been wondering what kept Christina Aguilera in perfect shape or may be even more explosive post pregnancy.Now she has the answer for me, infact for all of us.The singer has revealed that breast feeding is what making her look gorgeous, dazzling, stunning, explosive...and any other synonym for that matter.

She said:
Breast-feeding is my secret workout.It can take a lot out of you, so the pounds tend to fall off.
Is Angelina Jolie listening ?

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Anna Kournikova : Long time no see.

Its been a pretty long time since Anna Kournikova was seen. The ex tennis star has surfaced as a head-turner at the Chanel cruise show in Miami and we must say she is leggy, shiny and gorgeous by at least...let us say 30 times.She has put on some weight actually.Anyways enjoy the pictures.

Jessica Alba doesn't look like Jessica Alba - Allure June.

Jessica Alba graces the cover of Allure magazines June issue.The actress who is expecting her first child in June with Cash Warren posed as Charlie Chaplin for the magazine.Here a few things she has to say something about.

About Sin City:
I learned lassoing for this film from the guys who set up the trailers. A lot of them were cowboys. I learned in the parking lot, and now I can lasso a trash can. I lassoed David Letterman, and he was unimpressed. He was like—'That was it?' I was like—'What do you want?'

About Flipper:
I was 14. I didn't know I was pretty at all. Not at all. I never thought boys liked me...I wasn't the cute California girl.

About Cash Warren:
When I met him he sent me a little note with a dollar sign on it. So cheesy. He's very sweet, very considerate. He's 29 now.

About The Love Guru:
I love Mike and comedies. I'm a fan of Wayne's World and So I Married an Axe Murderer. He's fantastic. It was really a pinch-me moment when I heard he wanted me to be in the movie. I wasn't even planning on working! I had gone a year and a half straight with work. I had done the Fantastic Four promo tour; I was just going to take some time off.

Women and Virginity:
I never believed women had to be virgins when they got married, or that a woman has to fall in love with a guy just because they're having sex. I don't think sex is a big deal. I hated the hypocrisy of it. Men can do whatever, and it's acceptable.
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Brad Pitt’s Hair is a house of Six Endangered Species.

I seriously don't understand this but according to this website Brad Pitt’s Hair is is providing refugee to six endangered species. The six species are The Olive-Headed Weaver, The Swallowtail Butterfly, The Amber Suited Flying Squirrel, The Key Largo Woodrat, The Moroccan Sea Beatle, and The Hungarian Emerald Grasshopper.

As written on the website:
Local animal activists are applauding Brad Pitt’s latest environmental action. The actor, known for such roles as Johnny Suede, has decided to allow certain rare species to inhabit has rather large new hairdo.Six different species in total with take up refuge in the abnormally large hair design, which allows significant access for vital life processes such as feeding and waste excrement.Pitt stated that “the opportunity arose for me to give back to the environment which I felt I had taken for granted until now. It really only took two months (for the hair to grow out) so I feel the effort on my part was none-existent considering the environmental benefits that will result from this multi-national environmental undertaking.” Replacing a complex environment such as the African forest is a tall task but ecologists are eager to work with the new space and they believe it will provide an excellent shelter for these rare species.The six species chosen by ecologists to take up refuge in Pitt’s hair are: The Olive-Headed Weaver, The Swallowtail Butterfly, The Amber Suited Flying Squirrel, The Key Largo Woodrat, The Moroccan Sea Beatle, and The Hungarian Emerald Grasshopper, also known as The Green Syphilis.
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Sharon Stone : Agressive , Out spoken and Gorgeous.

Sharon Stone looked gorgeous at the new Lexus car press conference in Warsaw.The Basic Instinct temptress talked about what she is been doing in her life after she turned 50.The actress was very outspoken as she said she had kicked out people out of her life whom she dint want to be with.

"Like me or don't like me and if you don't like me, then pardon me,Anybody who isn't going to be on my side -- I got rid of them."I fired the people out of my life who weren't working with me successfully, professionally. I got rid of the people who weren't really my friends. I stopped trying to date the men who didn't really like me and I mean even the type of men who weren't healthy for me," she said.
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Shakira announces $200 million for childrens charity.

Its overwhelming to see Shakira do so much for the children.It really is !!
The singer who has been involved in so much of charity activity was there in Mexico city on Thursday at The Concert For The Children conducted by the ALAS Foundation.Now the singer has announced that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and American Howard Buffett will donate $200 million to the ALAS foundation that helps deprived children in Latin America.According to the Colombian pop queen there are almost 40 million children who are deprived of education, nutrition, stimulation or any kind of development.

"Artists have a tremendous power to communicate, to reach people, to woo, to inspire. It's an important and fundamental part of my life to be able to use my public profile to make certain issues visible, issues that are more important than my own career, that are more urgent and need immediate attention," the Reuters quoted her as saying.
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Carmen Electra's engagement ring is dead cheap.

Carmen Electra is reportedly fuming over her boy friend after she discovered that the black engagement ring he presented was a dead cheap one. Rob Patterson reportedly bought the black-diamond online from a site called for a mere $1,650.

"She seems really embarrassed,I think the ring is a real deal breaker. She thought she'd be getting this giant rock. Instead, Rob bought it online for a bargain price!" a source revealed to the Life & Style Weekly magazine.

The source also says,"Rob doesn't have a lot of money coming in,and he's been driving around in Carmen's car while she's working. Carmen's starting to realize that Rob may not be able to hold up his end of the bargain.The less time they spend together, the longer the relationship will drag on, but it won't last,She'll come to her senses."

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