Madonna spotted with sex toys.

Horny Madonna !!
Madonna has been spotted with sex toys along with her husband.The couple have been spotted coming out of the London's Claridge's Hotel.Madonna is seen carrying a purple perpetrator in a transparent plastic carry bag.

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Jennifer Hudson signs up for Sex and the City.

Dream Girls fame,Jennifer Hudson has reportedly signed up for Sex and the City: The Movie.The Oscar wining actress ans singer will play assistant to Carrie Bradshaw,played by Sarah Jessica Parker.The movie is set to hit the sets on September 19Th in New York.

PETA slams Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton's love for pets is now bringing her a whole lot of problems.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has slammed Paris Hilton for growing too many pets.The socialite reportedly has around 25 pets at her home.PETA accuses Paris of wrongly influencing her young fans who consider carrying a pet in their laps as a fashion.Ingrid Newkirk ,PETA president has personally wrote a letter to Paris that reads,"Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo 'Don't buy while pound pups die' on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth."

+ Paris Hilton and her pets-1.
+ Paris Hilton and her pets-2.

Music stars to perform for charity.

Jamelia,Jarvis Cocker,The Kooks and Fatboy Slim will perform in a concert to raise funds to tackle poverty around the world.The music stars have signed up with Oxfam,a charity organisation to raise $2 million.The event will take place next month.Angelina Jolie was among the stars who previously joined hands with Oxfam to curb poverty.Scarlett Johansson has toured India and Sri Lanka as part of the campaign.

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Angelina Jolie hits out at critics.

Angelina Jolie has come out strong against barbs quoting that she is too skinny.But the actress has admitted that she has lost weight in the recent months,but, that is due to her hectic work schedule.The actress told: "Yes of course I have lost weight. Some days are exhausting, only I'm not able to collapse. I believe in pushing myself to the limits."She has also made it clear that she is not suffering from any eating disorder.Just last month Life&Style magazine has quoted that Angelina's Addicted to diet pills.

+ Keira Knightley has no flesh.
+ Renee Zellwegers skeleton figure.

Booke Shields alomost brings her house down.

Brooke Shields almost got her house down when she dashed into a beam.The actress drove her car into an out door beam that supports her house.She told an American magazine:"I drove into the beam that supports our house. I was wearing these enormously high heels and one of them got stuck on the pedal.I said to my husband, 'Should that beam really be there? Maybe we can move it.' And he was like, 'Uh, it holds up the whole place!'

+ James Blunt's night club house.
+ Paris Hilton's new villa.

Hugh Grant unhappy with his super demon.

Actor Hugh Grant is very unhappy with his super Birthday gift.The actor got himself a 187mph super-car worth £82,000.But he was not impressed by the luxurious demon.He looked gloomy while he was testing his car and got the car back to his garage without even taking the car for a spin.The Notting Hill star turned 47 on September 8th.

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