A few Glitzy Bits for today.


Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Signed A Prenup - I'm Not Obsessed.

Truth Behind Kelly Brook & Billy Zane Reunion - Gone Hollywood.


Lou Pearlman Got 25 Years in Prison - IDontLikeYouInThatWay

Mr and Mrs Warren Step Out - Faded Youth

Mel B treats Husband to Six Strippers.


Mel B treated husband Stephen Belafonte to six strippers at a surprise 33rdB'day party.Reports The Sun:
The SPICE GIRL, 32, handcuffed the movie producer and took photos as the topless girls rubbed up against him.They were provocative. Mel loved it.

The Kardashian sisters fight and Kim K Cries - Video.


The three Kardashian sisters - Kim, Khole and Kourtney had a major cat fight when they went to pick up their brand new Bentley. This is what has happened.. Kim and Khole have an argument and Kim calls Khole a jealous psycho bitch who is trying to ruin her moment.

This is followed by Khole and Kourtney leaving the big butt behind.The saga continues as Khole shows her anger on Kim by slamming the door on her and Kim answering in her own way by beating her sis with her purse and Khole making her sis cry...blah blah blah...Check out the video.

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Pamela Anderson's Breasts send a woman packing to JAIL.

This is quite funny. Read this story :
A 32-year old woman sent a picture of Pamela Anderson's breasts to a 15-year-old workmate shortly before beginning a sexual relationship with him, the Supreme Court in Launceston has heard.Courtney Issabella Bailey, now 34, told police that the boy had texted her asking her for a picture of her breasts – but she sent a picture of the Baywatch star's breasts instead. Bailey received a four-month suspended jail term.Sex had occurred between them in two separate incidents.
There is definitely a good lesson to learn from this story and this is that woman.


Kim Kardashian's Hot secret Austarlian pics released.


The behind the scenes pictures of the much hyped Kim Kardashian's secret photoshoot pictures for the Ralph magazine are out. These pictures were earlier reported to be secretly shot when she was in Australia for the Australian Fashion Week.Kim K as always is superhot in these pictures.Check out the behind the scenes pictures.

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One Hot Photoshoot for you and that too of Lindsay Lohan :)
Lindsay Lohan poses for a sexy photo shoot.

Scarlett Johansson Sucks on Nylon magazine, June/July.

Scarlett Johansson looks ugly as she holds a guitar and poses for the cover of Nylon magazines June/July issue. Check out the pictures.

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Vote for your Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity.


Female celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Carrie Underwood, Pamela Anderson, Hayden Panettiere, Pink, Stella McCartney, Sophie Monk... and Male celebrities like Casey Affleck, Paul McCartney, Corey Feldman, Perry Farrell, Joaquin Phoenix, Milo Ventimiglia... are competing for the fourth annual World's Sexiest Vegetarian conducted by PETA2, the youth division of PETA.

Dejected Owen Wilson hits Strip Clubs.


Owen Wilson is reportedly visiting strip clubs while Kate Hudson is happily dating cyclist Lance Armstrong. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson split recently as we all know.

According to a source of Page Six:
He spent 4½ hours at Rick's Cabaret and was in an upbeat mood. He watched the Flyers game, drank beer, and when a parade of 75 half-naked girls caught his eye, he asked for dances from several and definitely had a preference for blondes. He tipped at least one with a $100 bill.
And it seems like even a 36D boobs can not change his mood right now as a dancer said:
He seemed to have other things on his mind. Usually, my 36D boobs can hypnotize anyone - but his mind was elsewhere.
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Miley Cyrus's Sex game hits the internet.


An Online computer game with Disney star Miley Cyrus as the main character has hit the internet. The theme of the game is to take pictures of the 15-yr old actress in naughty poses. (but don't really expect too much)

The game titled Miley's Naughty Pics in the introduction says:
"You are a money-grabbing paparazzi and your job is to follow Miley wherever she goes to try to get valuable compromising photos of her.Do your part to feed America's obsession with pop culture and celebrity".
Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Play the game here.


Angelina Jolie caught on tape talking drugs, Killing pets.