Sarah Michelle Gellar says no to flat ass.

Sarah Michelle Gellar who is playing a porn star in her next movie choose a girl with curvy butt for her body double in the movie.The actress said:"To make the cover look authentic, they put my face on someone else's body. They let me pick the body of the girl they put my head on, so I picked one with a curvy body and butt. No one wants to see a girl with a flat ass."

JLo stretches her ass.

Aguilera's sex noices irk neighbours.

Neighbors of the Aguilera's are reportedly fed up with the sex sounds that come out of Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman's house in Beverly Hills.According to the neighbours the Couple make sexy noises while they take a swim in their outdoor swimming poll.One neighbor fumed to Star magazine, "They don't just splash around - they laugh, scream, swear and make sexy noises. We're happy that they're happy, but we wish they'd keep it down a bit. There are a lot of old people who live around here, and they don't like noise after the dinner hour."According to the Christina her hubby encourages to flaunt her body and they have naked Sundays.

Sharapova doesn't scream during sex.

Beyonce Knowles does Jack.

Jack dons Beyonce Knowles as its cover girl for the month on April.Enjoy the dusky pictures.

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Kim kardashian does Larry King Live.

Kim kardashian claimed that she has filmed Larry King Live on Friday night.She wrote on her site:
The family and I filmed Larry King Live on Friday night.

We were all so excited and honored to meet Larry. He was very good friends with my father and had great stories to tell us. It was just my mom, Bruce, Kourtney, Khloe and I on the show.

Afterwards I went to dinner with Rob and Adrienne at Koi!
He asks everything about her playboy photos and the (in)famous sex tape.

Lucky girl.Coz she had done the Larry king doing nothing but posing with her king size butt and a sex tape.

Kristin Davis raises $52,100 on eBay.

Kristin Davis in Mozambique with Oxfam America

A lady from Japan has won the bid over eBay to accompany actress Kristin Davis to the premier of Sex and the City in the month of may.The Japanese lady reportedly outbid others with a whooping $52,100.This sum would be donated to Oxfam America.

The actress told US weekly: "Oxfam's mission is to alleviate poverty and injustice by helping people learn skills and create lives.I just got back from Africa and saw first-hand that we're making a long-term difference. It gave me a sense of satisfaction."

I would not succeed on 'American Idol'

Madonna has said that she would not have succeeded on shows like 'American Idol' early on in her career.The singer had to go through many hard ships in life before she tasted success.Madonna said:"I did it the hard way. I played in crappy little clubs for years before anybody would even pay any attention to me. I had to take my tape around to record companies and have them shut the door in my face. It took a long time. I came up the hard way.I went to a lot of auditions for musical theatre and conventional mainstream things and I always got cut immediately, so I'm pretty sure the same thing would happen to me ."

Carla Bruni: The complete nude collection.
Now that you are Bored of the old Black & White Carla Bruni's portrait from the Christie auction house.Here is a whole new collection of the French first lady from her modelling days.This bold lady has just revealed the she swam naked with a former leader of the western world. I hope those images(if any) surface soon on the internet. Till then Enjoy these pics!!

Click on the images to enlarge (NSFW)

Click on the images to enlarge (NSFW)

The hot collection:
Serena Williams flaunts ger boobs.
Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh on their last topless cover shoot.
Heidi Klun Arena magazine pictures.
Mariah Carey gets naked for interview magazine.
Tony and Cherie Blair show off their boobs.
Demi Moore shows off her dense forest.
Danielle Lloyd naked for maxim.
Tera Patrick naked on Ralph magazine.
Men are crazy about womens tennis because...

A Bitch,Slut,Whore... = George Clooney's Sarah Larson.

"She's not shy in the slightest. She loves hamming it up and is never embarrassed. That's the Sarah everyone in Vegas remembers, not the girl dressed in Valentino minding her manners for the cameras with George at the Oscars!", reports the star magazine about George Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson.And that's what these pictures prove.She really seems to be doing what all sluts do. Bending,licking,stretching and after all getting sha**ed against the wall.Does George Clooney really need this bitch?

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