This is super fashion.Madonna sets 106 & Park on fire.

Ever-green-red hot Madonna appeared on American show BET's 106 & Park in heavy fashion to promote her latest album Hard Candy.The still sexy 50-year old singer was in high spirits all through the show and looked extremely fresh.

This is how much each her garments and apparel cost:
That bunch of gold necklaces- £18,000
Fendi fur coat- £20,000
Stella McCartney thigh high boots- £600

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Gwyneth Paltrow is comeback covergirl of GQ,June 2008.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the covergirl of June's GQ magazine.The actress reportedly talks about cross-dressing, Coldplay's new album, Madonna and of course Iron Man in which she made a comeback after three years.

" I'm not going out without my knickers and I'm not getting drunk and I'm not my eighth Husband,"she quotes.

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Kristen Bell on LA Direct Magazine -April 2008.

Kristen Bell graces the pages of LA Direct magazine's April 2008 issue.These are the things she has got to tell us about her latest venture Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

What was working with the Apatow crew like?
It was kind of surreal when I was cast. It’s rare that you can set up your idols —who you want to work with — and then actually get the chance to.

They seem to be a close-knit group. Were you nervous being the newcomer?
You know what, I was, but I also felt a very warm welcome.

We know you from your more dramatic roles. Were you comfortable stepping into this kind of comedy?
Initially when they cast me, I thought, oh no, they made a huge mistake! It was intimidating because a lot of the auditions were improv and I didn’t know if I was any good at it. Then I started to view it more as freedom with the role rather than, uh oh, I wonder if I can be funny.

Who made you laugh the most on set?
It changed day to day. Jason [Segel] is really good on set with writing or improv. Jonah Hill can make anyone laugh, Paul Rudd can charm anyone and Russell Brand just has a vocabulary like I’ve never heard before. I’m pretty sure he makes up most of his words.

Jason Segel bares all in several scenes. Was he just showing off?
He said he had a [real-life] naked break-up. She sort of sprung it on him and he had just gotten out of the shower. He let his towel drop just like in the scene.

Was it the first time you were with a naked guy in front of a camera?
(Pause) Certainly was. Luckily, Jason’s a lot taller than me. The wardrobe designer made shirts with the statue of David, so that day we all wore our junk on our shirt. They all said funny things on the back like “Keep it Up, Jason.”

Did it ever get too raunchy for you on set?
There were funny sex scenes, so I had to wear pasties a lot of the time, but everyone was really comfortable. It was never, oh Kristen, we’re having a sex scene, could you just show us your boobs?

Are you a fan of potty humor?

As much as the next guy, absolutely. Sometimes that’s my go-to. I used to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos. I TiVo it.

How was it being an actress playing an actress?
Oh my gosh, so much fun! I was able to tap into every insecurity and every stereotype I may or may not have deep inside my heart. I tried to make Sarah Marshall 25% bitch, 25% ditz and 50% real.

Does your Sarah Marshall character depict anyone specific in Hollywood?
(Laughs) I think it’s a conglomerate of all the stereotypes of actresses. I’ve dug deep, definitely, into my own insecurities, and there’s a lot of vanity in acting. It’s confusing. You’re selling yourself and there’s a lot of rejection. It’s a mindf***, basically.

Before, you played brainy and cute; here you play sexy. Was that a challenge?
The sexy part, for sure, because that’s not how I view myself and it’s not how I think I carry myself. I think I can do cute and I can do tomboy, but doing sexy was very new for me, so we’ll see if I pull it off.

Do you fear being cast as the “hot chick” now?
I’m not Carmen Electra. I would never try to be.

Do you think this role goes above just being the hot girl in the bikini?
Yeah, and I think that’s due to Jason’s writing. Sarah Marshall is the bad guy, I guess, but sort of an atypical one where you actually have some sympathy for her when you realize why she [dumped him]. Early on he’s wearing sweatpants and all he’s eating is Froot Loops and he hasn’t left the apartment in a week. Sure, that’s adorable to see in a romantic comedy, but if you think about it as a woman — do you want a partner that is sustaining himself solely on sugared cereals and watching television all day?

Well, what type of guy do you look for?
I think kindness is really important. I think it’s a big turn-off for most girls if you’re rude to the waiter — something my mom taught me when I was growing up. If you’re rude to the waiter, I just shut off.

Is it hard to date in Hollywood?
You got to have standards of being a human being. Too often in Hollywood that’s ignored because people are given so much. It’s hard not to get deluded as an actor. Everybody’s nice to you. Everybody kisses your ass because they need you to stay happy in order to complete the film.

Have the paparazzi become a burden in your life?
Oh, goodness, yes. That’s such a strange, strange business. They park outside my house a couple days a week. But, let me stress — it’s not something I believe in asking sympathy for, because it’s definitely what you sign up for.

Your friend and costar Hayden Panettiere is mobbed by the press. Does she give you tips?
I first experienced it with Hayden. I would just walk behind her or open the door for her and nobody would care that I was walking with her. One time I was driving [the two of us with the paparazzi tailing] and I was like, maybe if I take a really quick turn here… it makes you feel like you’re playing Mario Kart.

Now that you’re part of that world, how do you view tabloids and shows like TMZ?
I didn’t even know about TMZ until three months ago! I made a New Year’s resolution two years ago not to buy weeklies anymore. That’s not to say I don’t read them at the nail salon. I think we’ve all gotten so interested in, you know, what’s in Jessica Simpson’s Ralphs shopping bag. It’s like, of course she eats Cheetos. Everybody eats Cheetos.


Alicia Keys wants background singers.You can be one.

Alicia Keys is on a talent hunt.The actress is looking for background singers for her upcoming world tour.She said: "If you ore some one you know can blow the house down,tear it up get your camera out and show me what you have,send me what you have."
Alicia Keys searches for a backup singer.

Searching for a new back-up singer for As I Am World Tour, Is it YOU??? Get more info here!

How would you like to get you big break and see the world? Ten time Grammy winner Alicia Keys is looking for a background singer to join her on the As I'am tour.

Entering Instructions:
1. Submit a video of yourself singing acapella for at least 30 seconds. (Original Compositions Only. / No Cover Songs Allowed).
2. Once your video has been submitted, enter your MySpace URL and video URL in the forum to the right.
3. Make sure to review the rules and regulations before entering.

1. Must be female between the ages of 21-30.
2. Have a valid Passport.
3. Immediately able to Travel.
4. By entering, you agree to the full set of rules and regulations.

The winner will be chosen on or around May 15th. One (1) Performer, selected at the sole discretion of the Sponsors/Judges, will be given the opportunity to perform in at least one (1) show as a back-up singer for Alicia Keys!!

Enter the contest here.
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Innovative new lingerie ads by Kate Moss.

Kate Moss shot six new ads promoting bridal themed lingerie from the women's lingerie giant Agent Provacateur .The six movies shot by Nick Knight are based on a script written by Joe Corré's , Founder of Agent Provacateur. The script aims at depicting the theme "the demise of a bride's 'big day' and serialise the unravelling of the religious organisation behind it". Knight along with artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have done a wonderful job in creating six innovative and fresh stills with themes The Happiest Day of Her Life, The Garden of Eden,Bad News, Frenzy, Revenge, Let Them Eat Kate.

Here is how the first ad is described:
From Joe Corré's screenplay directions that the heroine bride -Kate Moss- should appear "romantic, pink and full of hope" on the eve of her 'White Wedding', Nick Knight's first campaign image of six addresses all the classic elements of a kitsch boudoir scene: the powder-puff palette; the love heart vignette; the handheld mirror; a sweet butterfly hovering over virgin flesh. Meanwhile the accompanying film employs the help of a naked harpist to push the footage in more poetic direction. From tonight until Wednesday 7th, each night a different film and still image will serialise "the demise of a bride's 'big day' and the unravelling of the religious organisation behind it".
Here is the first ad video:

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Here are the other stills (click to enlarge)
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Mel B takes us by surprise in Ultimo lingerie.
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Ruby Stewart's strips for George lingerie.
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Liz Hurley's stunning bikini hotshots.