Ben Kingsley makes Penelope Cruz strip for him.

Penelope Cruz has again dropped down her clothes in a movie.

The Spanish beauty has stripped it all for Sir Ben Kingsley in her latest movie Elegy in which she plays a student of charming professor Ben Kingsley.

Cruz sisters steal the show at Elegy premier
Liz Hurley is back in bikini and is yummy hot !!

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The great James Bond Aston Martin plunge.

An Aston Martin being used during the filming of James Bond new movie,Quantum of Solace has plunged into Lake Garda in northern Italy.The driver is safe except a few injuries.The picture shows the beast machine being hoisted out of the water body.

Kim Kardashian graces K9 with her 'butt'er.

Big butt chic Kim Kardashian graces the cover of K9 magazine with her butter.Even Kim K seems to be an ardent puppy fan just like our superslut Paris Hilton who also has a lot of pets.

In the magazines,Kim gives us the details about all her dogs -their names and the breeds.Here they are...
-Dolche, a 5 year old Chihuahua boy,
-Gabanna, a 2 year old black Labrador girl
-Bella, a 6 month old teacup Maltese
-Butter, she’s 10 months old, her real name is Beatrice P Potter Butter Beans Beyonce, but Butter for short!

She also says," My dog is a diva !!"

Drew Barrymore puts her dog on diet.
Paris Hilton to teach pet grooming.


Kirsten Dunst is an Apple customer.

Kirsten Dunst spotted leaving the Apple Store in New York.

Cosmopolitan's big bikini bang.Eye candy stuff.

Fashion mag Cosmopolitan had it eyes on a Guinness Book of World Records for the world largest bikini shoot and there they were shooting with more than thousand bikini clad babes who have all arrived to paint the beach with bikini's for the prestigious shoot.Check out the pics.

Naomi Campbell is ostrichious.

Here is super model and soon to be journalist,Naomi Campbell laughing her way out of the Heathrow airport.Doesn't she look like an ostrich??

Drew does dumb.

This is absolute celebrity idiotism.

Charlie's Angels star Drew Barrymore has put her dog Fossie on diet because she feels her dog has put on weight so much weight in the recent past.

According to a source "Flossie has gained weight over the years, and Drew is concerned about her health. She loves that dog and would do anything to keep her healthy - even put her on a diet."

Drew you better listen to Paris Hilton.She is teaching.

This is of some lesbian soughts...

Natasha Bedingfield has confessed about her lesbian desires.The pop-singer has revealed that she has same-sex crush on Sacarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

The pop-singer who is happily paired up with Matt Robinson has absolutely no qualm in saying,“I have a girl crush on Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.”

She also says that she eagerly waiting for Johanson's album release.

You know what?? Mel B had sex with lesbians....

Liz Hurley is back in bikini and is yummy hot !!

Stunning stunning stunning !! That is just Yummy Yummy hot !!
Liz Hurley is back and she is back with a bang bang.
The actress has shot in her trademark style, bikini shoots for Spanish chain mango.Many must have thought that it was all over for her,but she has literally come as a bolt from the blues with the current bikini shoot exposing her well preserved curvaceous figure which every woman would envy and that too at the age of 42 does make her even more sexy.Check out these pics.

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