Angelina Jolie caught on tape talking drugs, Killing pets.

A video tape shot in 1999 featuring 23 year old Angelina Jolie talking about her weird acts has leaked on to the Internet.The presently pregnant actress talks about her craze for drugs and the wild things she loved.

About Drugs :
I’ve done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything. I gave them up long ago.

About Sex :
She says of taking part in sex games where someone is tied down or hurt: “It’s just a cool thing.”

About her weird and wild acts :
My snake I had – I tried killing him.” She recalls how at 12 she was “a bad girl – beating up my friends.

Keith Richards : I smoke weed all the time.
I'm addicted to drugs: Lindsay Lohan.
Hollywood and drugs go hand in hand.: Megan Fox.
I do drugs with my son: Sir Richard Branson.

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Mel B would win an Olympic gold medal for SEX .
Yeah that's what Melanie Brown says. In an interview given to the Fabulous magazine the recently transformed hottie talks about various things of her life.She starts of saying “This past year has been one hell of an interesting ride, and that’s putting it mildly." Now here are a few more interesting snippets from the rendezvous :

About her tough ride :
I think Americans love a fighter and I’ve always been a fighter. Even during the worst times of last year, I never gave in.

About Stefan Belafonte ( she wed him last June) :
He was the one person who stuck by me throughout my pregnancy,He saw me at my most vulnerable and I saw him for the supportive, giving bloke he really is.Stefan is brilliant with my daughters.

About Sex life :
Me and Stefan have a pretty hot sex life.

I have something to say here. Mel B was previously involved in some lesbian kind of stuff. Check out this post.

About her workouts and diet :
Quick bursts of boxing, weights, and circuits for two hours each day.
Three meals and two snacks a day with lots of vegetables, brown rice, fish and chicken.

And here she has a tip for all the young ladies who desperately want to be leggy and booty beauties. “If you want to know how to get a really sexy backside and good legs, just do non-stop dancing in four-inch heels.Your legs are tensed up all the time and it gives you a killer shape.My other tip is sit-ups.Every single day I do 100 without fail, " she says.

Here is some self boasting:
I’ve always felt sexy,I’ve never looked in the mirror and moaned about the way I look.I have boobs, a bum and a bit of a lazy eye, but I’m comfortable with myself.I have a husband who never stops grabbing me, and even I admit I look quite good in my underwear or a bikini.

Rapid five:

1. If there was an Olympic sport for anything, what would you win gold for?

2. If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?
There’s nothing I’d do invisible that I wouldn’t do visible.

3. If you weren’t famous, what would you do?
I’d work with kids.

4. If you could turn back the clock, what would you tell yourself at 13?
You’re going to have a very interesting life, so buckle up and hold on.

5. Which celebrity list are you on – the A, B or C list?
Somewhere between A and B.

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