Funny!! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the sexiest woman on TV.

This is something you could laugh at all through the day.The TV Guide magazines special issue claims that Jennifer Love Hewitt is the sexiest woman on TV.That's one such hell of a slapstick.

Kate Hudson on the most beautiful People's cover.

Kate Hudson has made it to the cover of People magazines issue containing 100 Most Beautiful people.

Talking about the selection process,Galina Espinoza,senior editor of People magazine said:"Throughout the year, editors see pictures of the celebs every day, so they are very familiar with the people they consider including.Hudson is dating Owen Wilson again,she has a movie with Anne Hathaway coming out. Hudson is a good mother and has a great relationship with her ex-husband."

The actress outscored may other prominent celebrities to make it to the cover which includes the likes of Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, J Lo, George Clooney...

Speaking about Kate,Espinoza said:"Hudson just embodies such an incredible natural beauty that is in vogue right now. We've gotten so accustomed to celebrities getting breast implants and nose jobs, and she will talk about being flat-chested and having a little bit of an offbeat look."

Here is the cover.

Kate Hudson launches green hair products.
Kate Hudson unhappy with her boobs.

Kylie Minogue readies for world tour.

Kylie Minogue is setting of for a world tour from the 6th of may.This is the singers first major tour since she was diagnosed breast cancer.The tour which is named KylieX2008 covers Latvia and Spain, Luxembourg,Bulgaria,Greece,Romania,Hungary,Turkey and Russia. The tour will cost a minimum of £10million.

"Kylie's wardrobe for this tour has been exclusively designed by master couturier Jean Paul Gaultier and the show will feature at least 7 costumes just for Kylie, with more visual elements being added daily," according to the singers site.

Message from Kylie.
Hi everyone,

The countdown has begun!! Not long now before opening night for KylieX2008!!!!
My cast, crew and I have been working hard to really make this show a 'Spectacular' for you. Full production rehearsals are coming up and we are very excited to merge all the various elements of the show. If you have seen some of the behind the scene footage you will have noticed both new and familiar faces. I will update you with one more peek behind the scenes before we open in Paris, so keep a look out!

I hope you liked the little 'All I See' video we did especially for you! I managed to squeeze in three hours filming at the end of a long day's shooting for the show. Very low-fi, just Willie and Marco (one of my dancers) and a white backdrop. And, as I always say...'When in doubt, apply more glitter!'. Girl can't get enough of a glitter drop!

As all my time seems to be taken up with elaborate and difficult rehearsals
it was fun to do something simple and spontaneous. Back to the studio now and I will check in with you again before May 6th!

Love Kylie x
Full tour details and tickets sale here.

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Gisele Bundchen presents her new sandals collection.

Super model Gisele Bundchen has launched her new Ipanema sandels collection.Here are the pictures from the photocall.

In other news nude photographs of the highest paid super model in the world are going for an auction on May 15th.But for now check out these pictures.