Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans wedding pictures.

Here are the wedding pictures of Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans.The couple got married on Friday.

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Demi Moore's £226,500 goes in vain.

Demi Moore who once spent a whooping £226,500 for a cosmetic surgery now regrets that since all the money she spent on the head-to-toe surgical treatment has gone in vain.The actress says that there are no better roles for women in Hollywood who are over 40.Thisislondon quoted her saying,"It's been a challenging few years, being the age I am. Almost to the point where I felt like, well, they don't know what to do with me. I am not 20. Not 30.There aren't that many good roles for women over 40. A lot of them don't have much substance, other than being someone's mother or wife."The 44-year old star is married to 29 year old toy boy husband Ashton Kutcher.This is what she spent on her body according to thisislondon...

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The beautiful Cruz siblings.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relation on the rocks?

"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have fought over Jennifer Aniston before-and Angie has been very clear that she doesn't want Brad and Jen staying in touch."reports Life & Style magazine.Seems from the magazine reports that tension is ticking on between the Hollywood's hottest pair and their relation is definitely not having a smooth ride.
Very recently Angelina Jolie has rejected to get Brad Pitt's name tattooed on her body since she took a vow that she would never get a mans name tattooed on her body after she spent thousands to get the tattoo of ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton removed.
No one knows exactly if their relation is on the rocks.But,from the reports it seems like their relation is not definitely rocking.

Update: Brad Pitt breaks silence,says they are not splitting.

Imagine Eva Longoria with out make up.

Eva Longoria might be putting on layers and layers of make up over her skin.Just check out the difference in the circled areas in the picture above.

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Scarlett Johansson has lost her curves.

Producers of Scarlett Johansson's next movie The Other Boleyn Girl are struggling to re-shoot some of the scenes since the actress has put on so much of weight.She has reportedly put on weight due to her love for food and is trying hard to keep her voluptuous figure in shape.The actress reportedly looked thin in some scenes and fat in some scenes,so there was some re-shooting."There was some re shooting.The problem was that Scarlett piled on weight during filming and there was concern that she looked thin in some scenes and heavier in others.She's a fan of British pubs and she really tucks in so it was a case of tightening the corset stays,"the daily mail quoted a source as saying.

Ioan Gruffudd weds British actress Alice Evans.

Fantastic for star Ioan Gruffudd has wed British actress Alice Evans on Friday in Mexico.

Hilary Duff turns into a sultry beauty.

Hilary Duff turns into a sultry beauty on her ad for Vaseline.The other stars for the Vaseline ad include Dave Navarro (Musician),Minnie Driver (Actress/Singer), Laila Ali (Athlete), and Kim Raver (Actress).

Hillary Duff [Click to enlarge]

Laila Ali-Minnie Driver

Kim Raver-Dave Navarro