Kate Hudson to launch green shampoos and conditioners.

Seems like green is the colour of the reason.After Shakira's lecture on global warming and Julia Roberts deo-ditch its Kate Hudson's turn now to go green.

Kate Hudson is preparing to launch eco-friendly hair products called David Babaii For WildAid.The line has conditioners and shampoos which are free from chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

"All these things that we use to penetrate the scalp and our skin, some of them are the worst things we can put on our body.It's very difficult to make a purely organic product that can pass the sustainability test and that can have a shelf life, but we came up with our shampoos, and we did it," the actress said.

Check out the ad campaign for the eco-friendly hair products.

Shakira doesn't want to hotten up things anymore.


Shakira is too hot to handle.So is the environment.

The pop sensation is in full swing these days attending fighting for many social causes and attending many events,right from delivering education to children to fighting global warming.She is seen every where these days.

The singer held a lecture in a campaign against global heating held at Capitol Hill in Washington.And as usual she was as hot as global warming.

Christina Ricci boobs fondled by....guess who ?


Christina Ricci has been shell shocked as she had a very unusual sex partner on the sets of Speed Racer.The actress who has been shooting for the movie was grabbed by a chimpanzee which later fondled her boob.

"The chimp jumped over and grabbed my left breast and hung off me,t happened in the middle of the first take on the first day of shooting — it was painful," the actress said.

Buts what more surprising to know is that the actress dint want to disappoint the animal and dint make a fuss out of it and cried "help, help" with a low voice until the crew noticed.


Daniel Radcliffe girl dreams go down the drain.

Radcliffe with Cassie at the awards do
This might have left the Harry Potter star heart broken.

All the husmmush about Daniel Radcliffe's crush on an Australian blonde whom he met at an awards function seems to be literally over.

The 20-year old girl,Cassie whom Daniel Radcliffe has been dying over to trace out ever since he met her at an awards so has revealed that she has boyfriend who she is committed to leaving the millionaire teenager shattered.

She says, "I'm not looking to cash in on his public profile,I hope people don't think I want my 15 minutes of fame or anything." She also says that Daniel is Handsome but adds "I'm more for the taller type of guy."

Oh Harry.I'm so sorry !!

Cassie with her boyfriend
Images: Daily mail

Victoria to shake her ass with Pussycat Dolls.

Victoria Beckham would be performing alongside the Pussycat dolls in Las Vegas.

Mrs Beckham who has been talks with the all girls troop has finalized her performance at the Caesar's Palace Hotel & Casino in June.

"Victoria's been in talks with the Dolls for some time and will be joining them onstage.She would have done it sooner, but it's a question of her busy schedule. But it will be happening very soon".Pussycat Dolls spokeswoman told.

Does Pretty woman Julia Roberts stink ?

Julia Roberts revealed that she doesn't use deodorant as she celebrated the Earth day with Oprah.

"I don’t actually use deodorant. I don’t like to share that with a lot people. It’s just never been my thing," the pretty woman said.

Celine To Perform In Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Celine Dion will be taking her Taking Chances World Tour to Mashantucket, Connecticut this fall! She is scheduled to perform at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket on September 6, 2008.

Tickets for this concert will be going on sale this Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. (ET)! Click here for details and to view the full tour schedule!

Source: Myspace Celine Dion

Natalie Portman dog piss pic.

We know that Natalie Portman was pissed on by a dog.Now here is the pic.

Image source

Megan Fox gets foxy.Poses with the wild and her pets.


It seems to be the trend of the season-Celebrities posing with their pets.
Megan Fox graces the cover of Pawprint magazine with a fox and her other pets.

About her parrot,Bowie:
He likes to lie on his back and have his belly petted.He also gives kisses.If you stick your tongue out ,he'll tongue kiss you.

About her cat,Rosh:
Rosh loves me,but he hates Brian.Bangal cats are bred from wild mountain lions,so he wants to be the dominant male and take all the females.When Brian tries to get close to me,Rosh stares him down.

About her pig:
Before we got our pig,I used to eat pork and now I can't..its said to think they are just slaughtered for hot dogs and break fast meats.They aren't people,but they understand and they feel.

" I feel like wold animals are just so much closer to god," she adds.

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Did Sharon stone get a blow job on her face ?


Did some one jab this basic instinct beauty Sharon Stone on her face.
She arrived at the LA airport along with her son with her face turned red and blotty.
She was very recently seen looking absolutely stunning in a Dior suit.Then what has happened all of a sudden?

Image via Daily mail