Celine Dion's 'Taking chances' new poster and audio file[leaked].

Here is the new poster of Celine Dion's upcoming album Taking chances.A 30 seconds audio clip has leaked on to the internet.The album is set for November 12 release.Listen to the audio clip here..

Get the album here...

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Paris Hilton sues Hallmark Cards,seeks $500,000.

Paris Hilton has sued Hallmark Cards Inc. over the use of her picture on a greeting card.The lawsuit claims:
• commercial appropriation of identity,
• misappropriation of publicity,
• false representation that Hilton endorses the product,
• invasion of privacy, and
• infringement of a federally registered trademark.

Paris Hilton reportedly owns the trademark "That's Hot" which was registered in February,2007.Paris is seeking $500,000 in damages.

Greeting card which Hallmark got sued for by Paris.

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