Sex and the City stars Mouths Shut Taped.

This is funny. Just check out this cover of the Time Out New York magazine. It tells you all :))

KFC bosses want more Rihanna kissing.
Seems like sales at KFC have sky rocketed ever since Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted kissing at their restaurant and the bosses of KFC want to make the most of it to make more cash. So, they Rihanna and Chris Brown to kiss more at their restaurants ;)

KFC marketing head James O'Reilly, reportedly wrote to Rihanna saying:
Clearly, like our founder Colonel Sanders, you two know how to kick it up a few degrees.We could feel the heat - literally - that night, so much so that we'd like to invite you and Chris back to any KFC restaurant for a free meal.
The marketing also had a great offer for Rihanna if she repeats the lip smacking episode with her boyfriend Chris Brown. He told:
We'll make a donation to your charity, Believe, which helps underprivileged children.
Here is an interesting video of Rihanna and Chris Brown kissing.

Liv Tyler does C magazine June 2008.

Liv Tyler graces the cover of C magazine on its June 2008 issue.

£8.5 million to be spent on Brangelina twins .

Hollywood's hot parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly spending around a whooping £8.5 million for flawless delivery of their twins, which is due to happen in August.In a an exclusive interview to the Sunday Mirror Pitt told : "Angelina is doing really good now, thanks.I've been learning French. But the kids are doing it too - and they are better than me."

Now here is the list of expenses from the moment they set off to France till all the parties which are all conducted on the rival of the new family members are over.

Private jet for family to fly to France- £40,000
Private copter from the villa to hospital - £20,000
5 day hospital stay for Angelina - £20,000
5 day hospital stay for Brad Pitt - £10,000
Specialist bill - £50,000
Villa for obstetrician - £30,000
Meals in hospital,gourmet chef and takeaway from Monaco restaurant - £6,000
Designer wardrobe - £50,000
Security - £900,000
Nannies - £72,000
Tutors - £27,000
French teachers - £72,000
Baby goods - £16,000
Prams - £2,000
New larger family car - £100,000
Brad Pitt's present - £2million
Photo deal - £5million
Siblings' party - £10,000
Welcome party - £100,000
Total : £8.525million

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