Eminem to perform at Nelson Mandela's birthday do.

Its almost confirmed that rapper Eminem would perform at the 90th birthday celebrations of legendary South African big man and former president Nelson Mandela.According to reports,Sir Paul McCartney,U2 and the Spice Girls may also join but they artists are not confirmed yet.

Charlize Theron is super gorgeous.

Charlize Theron at the Sarasota film Festival.The actress looked super stunning with every thing from her toe to her curls in a single hue.May be this is called simple elegance.

Paris Hilton in perfect shape.
Phoebe Price looks ugly.
Ashlee Simpson shows off her new fashion line.

Lily Allen went into the gents toilet because...

Liar Liar Lily !!
If you wanted to know what Lily Allen was doing in the gents toilet,she has an explanation for all of us.According to the Mirror the singer who has been in news recently after being spotted in the gents toilet along with Johnny Borrell and Noel Fielding has called them and had rendered her explanation.

Allen told: "Everyone now wants to know what I was doing in there. But I'm telling you, I wasn't doing anything wrong, I'm an innocent bystander.Yes, I was in the men's toilets, but I always go to the men's toilets when there's a huge queue in the ladies."

But, what was she doing with the other two guys? She had an answer for this as well.
She says,"I have no idea what happened with Noel and Johnny.I think they did get thrown out by security but that had nothing to do with me, that's what I'm p***ed off about.I walked into the men's, that's all."

Lily Allen-the cover up artist.

Adrien Brody on Russian Esquire .

Pianist star Adrien Brody is on the cover (in his usual expression) of Russian Esquire for April,2008.
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Naomi Campbell as journalist?

Naomi with president Chavez.
You may soon see Naomi Campbell as a journalist.The supermodel is reportedly quite serious about making a career in journalism.She has developed interest towards journalism after she interviewed Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for GQ. Campbell has been in news recently for all wrong reasons earlier criticised the vogue magazine for being partial to white models.

This Indiana Jones poster is just awesome.

Checkout this Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster.The poster is quite a stunner,so would be the movie for sure.This archaeological adventure by the legendary Steven Spielberg which is going to hit the silver screens after two decades is set for a May 22, 2008 release.Till then enjoy this poster.

Agent Provocateur reinvites Kate Moss.Shoots campaign.


They ditched her and they seemed to be missing her seriously. Yes, an year after canceling their contract with the best dressed super model Kate Moss lingerie giant Agent Provocateur has invited her for a new stint with them.Kate Moss has shot a new campaign for the lingerie firm.The campaign is said to be bridal themed.

Paris in perfect shape.

"Perfect",that is the word that would strike anyones mind once they see these pics of Paris Hilton.The show stealer was in Bologna, Italy for the 41st Annual Cosmoprof Fair to promote her new line of extensions, called “The Bandit.”

The perfect curves !!

Madonna isn't getting enough sex.

Not getting enough of him !!
Seems like Madonna is an unsatisfied lady these days.
The 'Erotic'a singer Madonna isn't been loved enough by her husband Guy Ritchie. The reason being Ritchie has been on a Cookie diet and this made Madonna to be at (non) receiving end.Ritchie has tried the cookie diet because all of his friends were doing it and he wanted to see if even could do it or not.Madonna, on a show told:"My husband went on that Cookie Diet and it was such a turn-off because he didn't want to have sex.He did [lose weight] but he didn't really need to lose that much weight. I think he did it because all his friends were doing it and he wanted to see if he could do it."
Madonna in a recent interview also mentioned:"Sex with Guy is incredible...and, surprise, surprise, it's his favourite song on the album."

What is Phoebe Price trying ??

Who is Phoebe Price trying to look like at the premier of "One, Two, Many" ? A Greek goddess with her shoes on and coloured hair ?