Eva Mendes topless in Vogue, gets slutty and bitchy.


What's wrong with this lady?
Eva Mendes got bitchy bitchy as she stripped down for the May issue of Italian Vogue magazine.The actress is seen posing as a slutty seductress in these pictures. She has just lost her classic woman image by doing this.Check out these pictures.
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Ashton Kutcher impressed by Jenna Jameson, considers porn career.


Ashton Kutcher impressed by Jenna Jameson is pondering over a porn career.The toy boy husband of Demi Moore is considering it pretty seriously.The actor says that his latest sex comedy flick Spread is close to an adult film and desires to take up the profession.He feels that if a porn star like Jenna Jameson could built a multi-million-dollar empire through the profession its definitely worth giving it a try.

He says,"I made a sort of, like, a porno-pseudo-comedy movie. So maybe I'll do some more porno.It worked for Jenna Jameson. I was actually in London last week, and they knew who Ron Jeremy was. He's a famous porn star in London as well.I didn't realize that porn stars were famous in other countries. I thought London had their own.Apparently they don't. I think we have, as a country, kind of a corner on that market, so I was thinking about venturing that way a little further."

Is Demi listening?

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