An Angel walked down at Cannes.

She really looks like an angel for me here. Petra Nemcova at the Cannes film festival.

This is super fashion.Madonna sets 106 & Park on fire.
Salma Hayek takes her Cans to the Cannes.

A complete look at Kim Kardashian's Big Butt - Video.

Kim Kardashian pulls her pants down to show off her Big Butt - Check out this Video.


Starbucks secretly Plumping up Oslen twins.

Famous coffee addict twins and coffee addicts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are being secretly fattening up by the famous Starbucks Barista.

According to OK!: "The barista thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace skin milk with full-fat."

Mischa Barton to launch her ownline.

Mischa Barton will be the latest star who will be joining the Hollywood's bandwagon of celebrities who has their own line of WHATEVER. The actress is reportedly launching her own range of handbags.

"Mischa has always loved fashion,and especially handbags," her rep told Elle.The collection may come out on 2nd July in stores like Debenhams, John Lewis and Fenwicks.

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Christina Aguilera plans for more huge Boobs.

Ok ! Just wait don't let your imaginations go out of place.

I'm not saying that Christina Aguilera is getting a Boob Job or something. The singer who has nurtured her boobs from tinnie tinies to huge E ones after a child birth which she claims was possible by doing this says that she is planning for more kids.

She says : "Absolutely, I want another baby. I can't tell you when, as I'm not planning things like that. Maybe around the next tour."

Rihanna set to hit the big screen.

Its Up , Up and Up for Rihanna. That's the direction the singer is moving. After her recent music success the singer has something more to boast about.

Rihanna is soon going to grace the silver screen. She is going to star in the movie Mama Black Widow which is based on 1969 novel Iceberg Slim.

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This is some Scary and Stupid Shit.

These ads featuring Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Shakira for the Xiomara Coronado Beauty Center with the tag line 'Nobody is younger than you.' are just a crock of shit.

Doesn't the ad makers realize that this is NOT AT ALL the way these stars will be with their faces crumpled in wrinkles after some X years. After all Botox and all is soo happening ;) Holy shit !!
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Some relief for you: Check out these ads.

Monica Bellucci endorses Dior bags.
Scarlett Johansson for L'Oreal. .
Jessica Simpson for Haralas.
Brooke Shields for Royal Velvet.
Kate Moss for Agent Provacateur.
Keira Knightley For Chanel.

Someone's praising Britney.

Someone still loves Britney Spears and I think this is definitely a great sign of relief for the troubled singer.

J.R. Rotem, Brit's producer told People : “She’s great,She’s like a master at what she does. She just has the ‘it’ factor that not every artist has. So it’s always nice to work with her.”

Britney bebe its party time for you. So, why don't you again head to Costa Rica.