Lily Allen slims down.

Lily Allen drops down from size 12 to size 8.

Pamela Anderson weds Rick Salomon.

Boobie blonde Pamela Anderson has married for the third time.She married Rick Salomon on Saturday in Las Vegas.Rick Salomon is famous for his sex tape One night in Paris with Paris Hilton.Pammy is also famous for her sex tape with her ex-hubby, Tommy Lee.

She wrote on her blog
The Adventures of Scum and Pam Have Begun

I don't have to defend myself. It’s laughable. The greatest revenge is true happiness. On a more interesting note, Planet Hollywood and I are up to so many wonderful projects. I'm writing my own ticket. Robert Earl has been so generous. Rick and I are truly grateful. We are toasting the casino right after we get married after my show.
Another sex-tape in the making?

Mariah Carey's house pictures.

The other i posted Mariah Carey's house pictures from the Glamour magazines October issue.But its said that only the wardrobe closet and the Hello Kitty bathroom were shown in the Glamour magazine.Here are more pictures from rest of her house.

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Gosh !! Angelina Jolie turning into a skeleton.

Angelina Jolie's curvaceous figure is slowly fading.The actress shocked every one when she emerged in her ever than thinner figure.Her arms and her stomach are a very good proof that she is turning anorexic.But as for now her b**bs are in tact.Lets see whats up next.The actress recently came very strong against reports that she is too skinny.

Hollywood's turning skinny...
+ Keira Knightley has no flesh.
+ Renee Zellwegers skeleton figure.

Kirsten Dunst on Lula magazine-October issue.

Kirsten Dunst graces the October issue of the Lula magazine.Grab her flying kisses.

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Alicia Keys does Uptown mag.
Alicia Keys graces the fall issue of the the Uptown magazine.

On dealing with the pressures of fame:

I'm not the chick that breaks down, I'm not the one who loses it and wilds out, that's not my thing.

On finding herself on top of an Egyptian tomb:
I needed to get out of town and clear my head, I went to Egypt. It was such a miraculous experience for me. I crawled to the top of the pyramid and I just sang at the top of my lungs right there. People walking in acted like I was crazy; I didn't care. When I came home, I wanted to abandon all the tat stuff about me feeling too vulnerable to collaborate with people. Forget that.

On her idea of a good date:
I like to do things just because the thought came in your mind. I like to maybe go to the planetarium, crazy late at night. I love when a dude is cool with going to the museum with me, especially if it's an interesting exhibit. I'm not just trying to go see dead white people.

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Cameron Diaz dating Bradley Cooper.
Cameron Diaz is reportedly dating Bradley Cooper.The actress has reportedly enjoyed a romantic weekend in New York with the Alias star.The pair had an intimated dinner on Saturday night and partied all night.The next day they went on to watch the New York Giants American football team.The New York Post newspaper reports an onlooker saying: "They were very close and lovey. Something is definitely going on, and it's clear they are more than just friends."

Spice Girls disappoint fans with'unfair system.'

Spice Girls fans have been left with no tickets after a new system in which O2 mobile users are given up to 6 tickets each without even registering on the official site.Around a million fans have registered on the site to enter a lucky dip to win the tickets to the gigs at London's O2 Arena.But,the partiality shown to the O2 mobile users have left them disappointed.Prices of the tickets for the London shows in December are as high as £900.

:Spice Girls tour to pollute environment.

Sex with Keira Knightley, 'sweaty and uncomfortable.'
James McAvoy,co-star of Keira Knightley in the the movie Atonement has revealed that sex scenes with Keira were sweaty and uncomfortable.He said,"It's always a nightmare filming sex scenes, isn't it? It's never easy and it's always a little bit sweaty and uncomfortable.When they call action, if you feel the lady's breast, it's your decision to feel the lady's breast. It's like, this is wrong. You have no parameters."He also said that he would say sorry to Keira after the filming of those intimate scenes.

+ Sex with Sharapova is boring.
+ Courtney Love is wild in bed.

Mariah Careys new M Perfume Commercial.

Halle Berry not to marry Gabriel.

Halle Berry has declared that she will not marry her boyfriend,Gabriel Aubry.The soon mother to be star says, "What Gabriel and I have decided is that we will just redefine marriage for ourselves."

Mariah Carey graces the Glamour magazine.

After stripping for the interview magazine,the latest from the curvy singer is the Glamour magazine.Mariah Carey graces the pages of the magazine in its upcoming issue.The magazine gives us a sneak peak into the singers girly house.Check out the pictures.

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Britney Spears looses custody of children.

Britney Spears has lost the custody of her children Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.The troubled singer has been ordered by Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon to hand over the children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline by Wednesday October 3 at 12 noon, until further notice.

Kate Moss stripped from the Babyshambles cover.

Kate Moss will no longer be on the Babyshambles cover.The super model has been stripped of from the cover according to The Sun.On the previous cover the model is seen wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie."The pictures of Kate were amazing. But no one knew who owned the copyright to them.The decision to change the pictures wasn't something Pete's management or the record company took lightly. But a decision needed to be made. They wanted the album out before the band's arena tour in November,"contactmusic quoted a source from The Sun as saying.Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty a Kate Moss split earlier this year.

Michael Jackson 'not married to children's nanny.'

Michael Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain has issued a statement on his Fan Club website that he is not married to his children's nanny.This statement was issue following rumours that the singer has married his children's nanny, Grace Rwaramba."Wide-spreading reports regarding Michael Jackson being married are not true.Documents stating otherwise are a hoax,"the statement read.

Jennifer Lopez gets hot for Arena magazine-October issue.

Jennifer Lopez appears on the November issue of the Arena magazine.The soon-mother-to-be picture perfect star simply looks stunning in these pictures.Previously Heidi Klum got naked for the same magazine in its September issue.

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George Clooney's Celebrity school.

George Clooney is eager to open a school for celebrities.He wants to teach them to be humble.He says,“Maybe I should open a school for the famous. I won’t mention names, but there are certain actors who make me think, ‘How on Earth do you take yourself so seriously?’ All that is just cinema. Too many pats on the back, too much frivolity, in the end it’s all a bit toxic.”

How did Victoria Beckham secure spots for her children in school?
+ Paris Hilton to teach budding entrepreneurs.

Nicole Richie does French Citizen K.

Nicole Richie graces the cover of the French Citizen K magazine's Fall issue.

Michael Jackson married to his children's nanny?

Michael Jackson has allegedly married his children's 40-year-old nanny,Grace Rwaramba in Las Vega earlier this year."Grace is one of his dearest friends. She is one of the few people who stood by his side through all of his problems - including the child molestation trial in 2005," Azcentral quoted an insider from the The National Enquirer magazine,as saying.The 'Thriller' singer has been married twice before to Lisa Marie Presley in 1994 and Debbie Rowe in 1996.The singer is reportedly planning a residency at a Las Vegas hotel.

+ Courtney Love wants to marry Lewis Hamilton.
+ Tom Meighan wants to marry Madonna.

Eva Longoria's sex tape on the web.

Rumours are rife that Eva Longoria's sex tape with her hubby Tony Parker has hit the Internet.If these rumours were to be true this would be the biggest sex tape after superslut,Paris Hilton's sex tape-One night in Paris.The sex tape is said to be available on paid web sites.

+ Maria Sharapova doesn't scream during sex.
+ Mel B is a Lesbian.
+ Pam Anderson pays off debts with sexual favours.
+ Madonna spotted with sex toys.
+ Courtney Love is wild in bed.
+ Pete Doherty bangs women well.

Rihanna graces the French FHM magazine-October issue.
Wealthy teen star Rihanna graces the October issue of the French FHM magazine.Check out the pictures.

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Ex-Lawyer sues Larry Brikhead.

Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead has been sued by his ex-lawyer,Debra Opri.Debra claims that Brikhead has damaged her reputation by claiming that she is the source for the book, Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.The book claims that Brikhead worked with Howard K. Stern, Smith's lawyer and companion, to maneuver and maximize profits after Smith died.It also claims that Anna's boyfriends are gay.The lawsuit filed by Debra Opri claims $200,000.

+ Helena Christensen sued.
+ 50 cent and Lil'Kim sued.
+ Paris Hilton sues greeting cards company.
+ 50 cents sues ad company.
+ Avril Lavigne sued.

Marilyn Monroe at 19.

In Case you missed it ,here is Marilyn Monroe @ 19 for you.Photographed by André de Dienes.