Brooke Shields promotes Royal Velvet.

Brooke Shields is promoting the Spring/Summer 2008 collection of Royal Velvet along with her family.With the theme Royal Moments,Shields stars with her husband Chris Henchy and daughters, Rowan and Grier.

Speaking about why she accepted the campaign she said:"At this point in my career, I only do projects that I believe in.Royal Velvet made sense for me and my family because it felt authentic and it is a classic brand with amazing products."

Talking about her idea of Royal Moment she said: "A royal moment for me is when one of my daughters holds my face in her hands and says, 'oh, so pretty mama,' it makes me feel like a princess."

Hot and Happening ad campaign : Kate Moss shoots for creative lingerie ads.

Kylie frizzles and sizzles in Paris.

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Kylie Minogue kick started her KYLIEX2008 world tour with a bang in Paris last night.The singer performed to a full-house crowd at the Bercy Stadium.The singer drove the crowd crazy with her hits like Step Back In Time,her own version of Barry Manilow classic Copacabana.She also played a few songs from her latest flop album X.

Kylie was as fashionable as ever as she changed nine scintillating costumes during the course of her performance.The presence of a surprise guest raised many eyebrow.Guess who? Olivier Martinez of course.

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Martinez at the performance ( click on images to enlarge)

The Kylie Geisha Minogue.
Kylie readies for world tour.

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Eva Mendes to play a Drug Lord.

Eva Mendes is set to don the role of a drug lord in a Latin take of The Brave One.Eva plays a Mexican woman turned Spanish drug lord trying to revenge of her boyfriend's murder.Other stars who are in the movie are Josh Hartnett and Ben Kingsley.Harnett plays a Marine and Kingsley plays a Russian businessman.The movie is titled Queen of the South.

Madonna does the lesbain kiss again.

Pop Diva Madonna has locked the lips again-the famous lesbian lip lock sans Britney Spears.Yes Madonna has done it again with a backstage performer in Paris.Check it out.

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Cameron Diaz neither needs a Man nor Kids.

Cameron Diaz seems to be fed up with her search for the Perfect Man.The actress says that she has given up looking for the perfect man.

She says: "You're always told he has to look like this and this is how he exists in all the storybooks - but it doesn't always come in those packages.And people are not always what they seem to be. I was really a big fairy-tale girl when I was growing up."

The kid-loving actress also says that she is not interested in having babies any time soon even though she loves them so much.She is rather happy looking at her friends and family for the moment.

She says:"I think I'm pretty good with kids. I love kids. Kids are great. I treat kids like human beings because that's how I was treated - I talk to them like people and some kids get it and some kids don't.In a sense, I'm a mother now. I think we all have that maternal ability and we all give that to our friends and our family. I think that's a nurturing nature that we all have. I definitely don't want to have children right now."

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Jessica Simpson does D.

Jessica Simpson is on the cover of D magazine for the may issue.
"Jessica Simpson is more than a singer and more than a starlet. She's an unstoppable force of nature,"the magazine describes her.She is also described as the most powerful blonde Jezebel in the universe.