Keira Knightley on UK Vogue-October issue.

Fleshless actress Keira Knightley strikes a pose for the cover page of Vogue magazine's October issue.

Its Dannielynn's birthday.

Happy Birthday cutie !!

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn celebrates her first birthday.She is sooo cute.Wish you many many years of happiness.Hope Anna was there too.

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Paris Hilton invites fans to her clothing launch.

Paris Hilton is launching her clothing collection in San Francisco on the 8th of September.The soon mother-to-be socialite personally invites all her fans to the launch.Paris Hilton wrote...
Come see me in San Francisco!

Hey San Francisco! I would love for you all to come and see me at my
clothing launch on Saturday, September 8 at Macy's in Union Square at

I've been in Toronto shooting a film, so I can't wait to make this visit
back and see all of you if you can make it! Xo Paris

Rihanna has a sexy theme for her next tour.

Rihanna says that dominatrix is the theme for her upcoming UK tour in December.The wealthy teen singer told Daily Star newspaper:"The tour is going to be very rock star, very sexy with a dominatrix theme.I'm very involved with the creative process. We have been busy planning, coming up with costume ideas."The singer is to woo her fans with her revealing and raunchy outfits.

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Will Smith signs for 'Seven Pounds'.

Will Smith has signed to star in the movie Seven Pounds.Seven Pounds is the story of a man who falls in love while attempting to commit suicide.The director of the movie is Gabriele Muccino of The Pursuit of Happyness fame.The screenplay was written by Grant Nieporte. Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, James Lassiter, Smith and Steve Tisch are on board as producers.The movie goes on to the sets in February and will be ready for release by late 2008.

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Paris Hilton to name her kid London.

Paris Hilton is very confident about conceiving a baby by next year.The socialite who herself boasts the name of a city has decided that she will name ever her kid after a city.Paris told that she would name her kid London.But actually London is the name of her pet cat.Paris told: “If I had a child I would name him London. I used to have a cat named London. I like the name Paris Jr, too.I love babies. I’d like three or four.”Paris recently declared that she would have a baby by next year.The party freak is also concerned about her singledom.She said her immediate concern was a boyfriend.Paris Hilton has been single for a couple of months.

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More Pictures of Nicole Kidman from Vanity Fair.

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James Blunt's night club house.

Back to Bedlam star James Blunt doesn't have to really go out for partying.The singer claims that he has a night club in the basement of his Ibiza villa.He tells the Q magazine,"The nightclub's brilliant. It's laughable. It's tongue-in-cheek. Every after-party I went to had enormous great sound systems with lights - the works. I thought I should probably do something that was the other end of the scale. Most people who visit collapse in hysterics or debate whether they should turn around and go."It is in this villa the singer renewed his romance with his ex-girlfriend to put their relation back on track.James bought this villa for £1.7 million.

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Naomi Campbell on i-D magazine-October issue.

Some relief to the supermodel.Naomi Campbell is on the cover page of i-D magazine's October issue.The ever young super model has previously blasted the Vogue magazine for being partial to white models.