Fuck Beyonce's track : Jay-Z.

Shut the F up !!
"Fuck that.Sorry B but fuck that - let’s play something else"

These were the words yelled by Jay-Z at the DJ to stop playing Beyonce's track Crazy In Love. during his performance in LA.Beyonce who was reportedly their watching him from the side of the stage left the place before Jay-Z could render his apology.

Watch out Mr.Jay.You may end up on the receiving end.

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Anne Hathaway fooled !!

It was April 1st for Anne on the sets of Get smart.

Anne Hathaway's Get Smart co-star Dwayne Johnson,popularly known as 'The Rock' has made a fool out of Anne on the sets of the movie.

They were shooting a stunt scene and Anny accidentally kicked The Rock on his forehead.The former wrestler took it as an advantage and started acting as if he was seriously injured which made the actress apologize.

Peter Segal ,director of the movie said , "Anne was so apologetic, but he milked it - he painted little bruises on his forehead and came up to her later and pretended that he was wounded."

Evan Rachel Wood special tattoo.

Evan Rachel Wood has a special tattoo on her leg.Check it.

Putin gets a girlfriend half his age.PICS !!


Russian president Vladimir Putin is certainly in the same box of his French counterpart Mr.Sarkozy.

Mr.Putin has reportedly divorced his wife to marry gymnast and a present member of parliament Alina Kabaeva,who is half his age.The ex-KGB spy who is to end his term at the Kremlin soon is reportedly marrying his new found love somewhere during mid-june.Who is next?? Mr.Bush?

Here is the video of Alina Kabaeva from 2004 Athens Olympics and pictures during her modelling and sporting days.

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Kate Beckinsale thinks her boobs are perfect.

Perfect ?
Kate Beckinsale is very frustrated about rumours of her boob job.The actress has made it clear that she is not going under the knife what so ever.

"The boob job thing has driven me to despair. I'm not discussing my breasts with anyone but my husband and my daughter from now on,"she said.

Kate Hudson unhappy with her boobs.

Angelina Jolie's 16 yr old hot video

Earlier we have seen a young Angelina Jolie in a bikini.Now here is a 16 year old Angelina Jolie ready to to set your testosterone levels rising.Check out the video.

More stuff that you might have missed

Kylie Minogue on German Vogue-May 2008.

The ever beautiful and never flawless Kylie Minogue is at her scintillating best in the German Vogue magazine-May 2008.Check out this darling.

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Paris sets Moscow on fire.

First of all i never thought Paris Hilton was such a beautiful lady.

The lady in love scorched the MTV Russia Movie Awards-2008 as she walked down the red carpet with dash red lipstick and all black apparel making head turns all way.Check out the pics.
Making heads turn all the way

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The crushing Cruz's.
Emmy Rossumm is soo Ummmmm...