Denise Richards : I've learned to have a thick skin.

Denise Richards is strong and i personally pray god to give her the strength to be so for all that she has been going through in her life-A divorce, single parenting, tabloid criticism and what not.In an interview to USA TODAY the actress clearly shows that nothing is gonna dent her confidence and she is prepared for anything.This is what she has to say.

Richards on dealing with the tabloids:
I've had every negative thing possible written about me, most of it not true. I'm just going to be myself and let people see me, and they can make a decision. I've learned to have a thick skin, and, to be truthful, eventually the truth comes out.

Richards on juggling it all:
I just do it. I got a lot of strength from my mom. I was with her when she died. Never once did my mother ever say, 'Why me?' Never. That's how I feel. I'm not saying, 'Why me?' I just have to get through this time with my kids, my family, my friends. Life is so short.

Richards on her kids and showbiz:
I would support anything that they would want to do, because I did it, so I can't say no. But I would hope that they would wait until they're older. I wouldn't want them to do it as kids.

Richards on her father:
Every time he says he's going (to move back) home, I'm like, 'You're not going home!' I'm so lucky I have my dad, who can help me with the girls. He's getting used to it, I think he enjoys it. He's very involved in their lives; he takes them to gymnastics and even went to Dad's Day at the school because my (expletive) ex-husband wouldn't.

Richards' response to critics who say she's exploiting her kids:
I've gotten a lot of flak about having them on the show. Every other reality TV show about a family has their kids on it, but I was singled out for exploiting them. The fact is, my kids loved it. If they didn't, I wouldn't have had them it in it. They loved that I was working at home. They're in it very little, and I had the final say on what was shown.

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