Salma Hayek's bottle struggle.

Salma Hayek had to really give it a hard try.
Hayek was in boston to launch PPR's new racing boat the Il Mostro.The big boobed actress had to try hard five times before she took the help of a crew member to break the bottle and launch the vessel's racing season.Hayek's French billionaire fiance Francois-Henri Pinault is the CEO of PPR which is the parent company of Puma and Gucci.
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Miley Cyrus joins the kinky clan.

Seen her is Miley Cyrus partying with a group of good for nothing (but sex tape) sluts at KIIS-FM’s 10th annual Wango Tango music festival in Los Angeles.Miley Cyrus proved to be a popularity buff after she got naked for the Vanity Fair.Kim K who met Miley at the event wrote:
Ryan Seacrest asked the Kardashian clan to join him at the music festival Wango Tango. So we went with him this weekend and ran into a lot of super performers backstage!
Our [reality] show just got rated No. 1 show on the E! Network. I'm so thrilled!!!
We honestly had such a blast! Kendall and Kylie [Kim's youngest sisters] were most excited to see the Jonas Brothers and [sister] Khloe and I were most excited to see Miley Cyrus!
Now don't be surprised if you see a Miley Cyrus sex tape soon.If we just look back at history Kim K made a sex tape only after she became friends with Paris Hilton and history may repeat with Miley becoming a pal of the big ass.

And by the way Kim K had a crush on Nick Jonas at the event.

The Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman suit.

Go and take a glimpse of the Catwoman suit designed by Syren Couture for Michelle Pfeiffer for the 1992 flick Batman Returns. It is currently on display at the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Its official : Kate Moss's Rimmel contract not scrapped.

Is been earlier reported that Kate Moss has been replaced by Pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor as the new face of cosmetics giant Rimmel.All that is false.

Coty Inc. confirms that Moss will continue to be the face of the cosmetics giant. Stephen Mormoris, Senior Vice President of Coty Beauty worldwide said:"Kate Moss is a worldwide inspiration and leader in fashion and beauty, and has been an iconic face for Rimmel London. I am thrilled we are continuing our professional partnership, and that she will be an inspiration for the Rimmel consumer as our official ambassador."

He added,Kate Moss is thrilled to be part of the Rimmel brand with a larger scope of models who reach a broader range of ethnic groups and age groups in new markets."

Brooke Hogan vents her frustration on Nick's arrest.
Happier times !
Brooke Hogan is currently very pissed off with what happened to her brother Nick Hogan.Brooke says a lot of lies were told in the trial during which Nick Hogan was sent to eight months in jail.

She wrote:
I know most of the public thinks my brother is some rich little selfish kid, but NO ONE knows the real story and I'm really pissed that the truth didn't come out from either side. A LOT of lies were told in that trial. Believe me. And it wasn't from us. John was NEVER home. He was at our house. ALL THE TIME. that should say enough.... I'm not going to be out spoken right now, but If some s*** doesn't start getting straightened out, A lot of people are going to eat their words for lieing. I know all of the truth and I have back up. I never know how twisted this world could be but I'm starting to figure it out. And I'm gonna have to jump off my high road and tackle some ppl who are taking the low road. I know you guys don't understand, but you will really really soon. Keep praying. And by the way, before you judge anybody, make sure you really know them. I promise you if you were to meet my brother he would give you the shirt off his back. He's not "NICK HOGAN." AND hes not the person he plays on tv. People are so gullible now a days...

Kim Kardashian's toyboy crush.

Big booty has a serious crush on Nick Jonas.

Kim Kardashian said: "We met the Jonas Brothers. Nick is so cute.I really shouldn't say that he's cute. It's a little inappropriate! They're adorable."
But, Reggie Bush has nothing to worry about seriously as for now.She added "I don't think Reggie will get mad because Nick is, like, 15."

Miley Cyrus may pose naked for Playboy.

Teen star Miley Cyrus may pose for Playboy but only if she wanted.She was offered to pose for the adult magazine (when she becomes 18) by the 82-year-old tycoon and father of Playboy,Hugh Hefner.He said: "She would be welcomed in the magazine. She's a very pretty lady."

Miley was recently in the middle of a controversy following her posing naked for vanity fair.Speaking on this issue Hefner said: "I think to make such a big to-do over something as innocent as those photos. I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality."

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